"Matius Plagueisis, better known as the Food Devouring Disease, is an incredibly large bacterial parasite that devours vegetation and, most disturbing of all, eats food entities such as meat. It has been known to devour entire dwarf planets of meat in just months. It was first discovered on meteorite near a meat logic satellite by Patfan1's Nebula Navy. A Meat Potion has been confirmed to neutralize it. It is not to be shown to the public under any circumstances, neither should it be revealed to the Nebula Navy we stole it from. It should be weaponized on Meatworld as soon as possible."
—Signed, Pigmask General Beta.

This is an audio tape found after a bacterial/amoeba entity was stole from a Meatworld secure testing facility. The tape appears to suggest it is bioweapon owned by the Pigmasks. Nothing more is known about besides this. The Core mostly likely can heal Meatworld over time if exposed to it. It has been linked to no incident other than lack of activity on Meat Logic.

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