Mewtwo is a Legendary Pokemon that has high sta- Oh, wait, this is Meatworld.

"We are the Mewtwo! SAID CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Ahem... Sorry."

~Lord Gyian

The Mewtwo are Giegue-like creatures with light purple bodies, purple, green, or blue eyes and purple tails. They live inside of Mewtwo Mountain, and are ruled by Lord Gyian

Notable Members


During the Age of the Greninjas, a large alien spaceship with Mewtwo trapped in it crashed near a prehistoric Glacier Island, which was close to Bulbama at the time. The aliens died out, but the Mewtwo survived and escaped to an underground mountain (known today as Mewtwo Mountain). After the age ended, the Chibi Kitten meteor fell down, creating a large earthquake that made Mewtwo Mountain come to the surface. The Mewtwo explored the world for a few decades, and then retreated to the mountain.


Mewtwo mainly eat fruit, meat (mostly Bacon), and cheese.



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