"Adore our epic scenery! Please refrain from posting signs."

~A sign in front of the mountain

Mewtwo Mountain is a very large mountain that is the largest in a group of mountains. Unlike the others, it is hollow. Inside the incredibly large mountain is the home of the Mewtwo. Gieax wants to live here.


Mewtwo Mountain was once underground. During the Greninja age, the Mewtwo found a passage underground, and went into the underground mountain for safety. It was very hot, and fans were placed on nearly every ceiling. After the Chibi Kitten metorite hit, Mewtwo Mountain came to the surface. After a few years, the Mewtwo accepted their existance and didn't become a secret race like the Greninja (their differences made them go to war in one Alternate Future).


Mewtwo Mountain is known for being hollow. Many rooms have pots and plant life, others have beds and other things you would see in a house, and some rooms even have food and tables. At the tip of the mountain and the middle of all of these rooms is a large room with torches, and a fireplace in the middle. Since the mountain is really cold (it is, in fact, not that far from the The Glacier Islands), this room provides warmth and a place for Mewtwo to meet. Like the Greninja Tunnels, this place has a small hole for sunlight. There is a large door here, which leads to Lord Gyian's room. Lord Gyian's room has a lot of carvings on the walls of Mewtwo and Mew, and there is a lot of treasure surrounding his bed.


Time's End (Theophany Majora's Mask Remix)


  • Mewtwo Mountain went through a large change in climate. When it was underground, it was very hot. When it rose to land, it cooled off.
  • Mewtwo Mountain has a lot of dirt for plants because of the fact it was underground for a long period of time.

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