The results of the potion on Claus.

This potion turns the user into a Mewtwo for a period of time. It was created by King Orca after Angler brought back a Mewtwo tooth he found. Greninja Tunnels has a jet that sends Mewtwo Potions to the surface.

Effects and Notes

The Mewtwo Potion lasts for a whole week, and the time can be extended by eating Hallucination Mushrooms (mushrooms from MOTHER 3 that cause really weird hallucinations of your greatest fears) from the Pigmask army. Since the user turns into a Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon, the results are mostly positive. However, the more the user lengthens the Mewtwo Potion's effect with Hallucination Mushrooms, they will slowly lose their soul with the hallucinations, and by the 100th time they eat the mushrooms, their soul is ripped apart and everybody forgets the person ever existed.


  • One Mewtwo tooth
  • 2 teaspoons of the blood of every type of Hound
  • The tip of a Dragonite's tail
  • The tongue of a dragon
  • Hallucination Mushrooms (Optional, not recomended)


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