Morp is the Moon of Meatworld. He is the polar opposite of Sulus. He is quite friendly, and is the reason why most creatures like being out at night rather than the day.


  • Cheese
  • Friendly peeps
  • Spheres
  • The Core (She's his cousin)
  • Halloween
    MorpTalkingTo A DUDE

    Morp talking to a person.

  • Happy peeps
  • The cloud people as he calls them.
  • Milk (It goes with cheese)
  • Helping people
  • Lunifer, along with Luna, because they help him raise himself, because he has trouble getting into the sky.



  • He can be quite derpy at times.
  • His favorite quote is "HAI BRO".
  • He likes to call everyone bro.
  • He doesn't mind giving out stuff to friendly people.
  • He occasionally gives rides to lost people.

    Morp giving a lost person a ride.

  • He is actually is quite wise, but he is derpy only in personality. He uses his derpyness to keep him from essentially being a clone of the Core.

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