Mother owl

An only known photo of the Mother Owl, petrified into stone when daytime arrives.

The Mother Owl is a forest spirit, and only children can see her. She sings songs in a beautiful, soothing voice, and brings children to her enchanted forest. Once they're asleep, she brings them home. She lives in a hole in the enchanted forest, and she makes potions and medicines. But in 1989, she had mysteriously disappeared, and the children were worried. It was then revealed she had mutated herself, and she now goes by the name "The Screecher". Because of her mutation, she had lost the ability to talk, and went mentally insane.

Mother Owl's Theme


  • Screecher

    The Mother Owl, after mutation

    Wilson and Willow actually happened to be two of these children when they were little.
  • She is the size of a fully-grown Blopor

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