"That's most likely the strangest thing i've ever seen."
Aliean thing

~Chalk after seeing a Mutaliun

Mutaliuns are a strange alien species. Only a few survive. Mutaliuns have blue fur, green scales, poisonous yellow-ish and purple slime, and black robotic legs. They have black and red "eyes" that are used to scare enemies, and they have one real eye in the middle of their head. Their ears are on the top of "horns" like Charizard has. Their mouth is under the eye, and their nose is on their tail.


Four Mutaliuns (two male and two female) knew the world of the Mutaliuns was about to end. When they warned the rest of the species about it, they thought they were hiring people for a reenactment of 2012. The four set off in a spaceship, and fifteen days after they went into space, the planet exploded. Last month, they arrived in Meatworld. These four are the only Mutaliuns left in existance. Later, the four decided to go and take over Meatworld. The Mutaliuns are trying to kill us all to this very day.


Mutalions have robotic legs that can be built from almost any material. These can be used to stab enemies over and over again. Purple and yellow-ish poison is all over them, and can kill a person if it gets in their bloodstream. They have an incredibly sharp spike in between their ears that can cut trees. Their fake mouth and fake eyes can trick enemies easily, and seriously, admit it, their appearance overall can confuse enemies.

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