"Just shippin' the Pigmask Salute with your hair..."

"Anything can fall in love with anything!"


Odorship is a female (suprising, I know) Garbodor which ships 42 with everything and every- wait...

Odorship is a female Garbodor who has been shipping for just about her entire life. She keeps saying her OTP (One True Pairing) is "Flamenov", a shipping between FlamingFireHound and Scottnov (scared yet?). She ships everyone with anything. They can be the same gender, different objects, different organisms, relatives, enemies, friends, or people who have never met. She is actually a Pigmask army chimera of an insane Shipper and a Garbodor, which is why she ships Porky Minch with The Core.


Odorship was once a normal Garbodor, and one of the most hated (if not the most hated) person on the block, and was always confused as male. She moved to "the Tunnel of Love", which was a trap by the Pigmasks to make an insane Garbodor shipper to make Porky seem cool by comparison. She was killed, turned into an insane shipper-Garbodor Chimera.



  • Everyone who hates ships


NOTE: I am not responsible for sicknesses, lack of sleep, or death by looking at these shippings.


"Hey, I know you! You're the guy who fell in love with Scottnot!"

"Awww! You two may hate eachother, try to kill eachother, are the same gender, and are different species, but you two are soooo cute together! You only attack people you love!"

"Me x Porky Minch is totally official. Haven't you seen the EarthBound Fanon wiki?"

"Rule 312. Everything must be in love. No execptions."

"Minecraft and Terraria are BORN to be together, same was as I was born to be wild! I wonder if you can do the Pigmask Salute while punching a tree..."


  • She claims to be "Cupid's Trash".
  • You'll never know who'll Odorship will ship with you next...
  • Odorship is going to be the grass-type starter in the upcoming Porkymon games; Dark and Reconstruced.
  • Greasen has an odd crush on her because she is poison type.

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