Penny, whose real name is unknown to all but Otto Van Candlefield, is an odd creature with similar traits to Otto. She is extremely fond of him and almost always travels with him. Strangely, somewhat like him, she has a sort of default scent, though hers is vanilla. She often smells like cinnamon, however, simply because of how often they are together.

She is also the princess of Dapperness, at least according to Candle. 


"no. mine. mineminemineminemine."

"what does that have to do with your skyblocking ability"

"that is wonderful"

"hello friends i am here"

"noooo. no. you will stay here forever. yes"


She has two large ears, and an extremely long tail, along with a large amount of hair that often trails behind her when she walks. She has an extremely large number of hats, most of which have little holes cut in them for her ears to stick out. Usually she wears a dress, but she is also quite fond of wearing sweaters, similar to Candle. She is also often barefoot.


She is known to be extremely fond of Candle and is almost always with him, though they constantly evade any questions about them being in a relationship, and as such it's currently unknown whether or not they are, though it seems somewhat likely. She hugs and cuddles with him quite often, and talks about him a lot. She also grabs him with her tail a lot, and despite his apparent struggling, they both know he likes it.


  • She says she owns an empire including a space program with Candle. It's currently unknown whether or not she does.

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