Phorrenus is a WTF-Class Entity from the planet Oh hey, who named this planet? It is the first WTF-Class Entity to have not been spawned from the World Of Meat Logic (As far as we know).


Phorrenus is rarely seen, and when it is seen, very few people's minds are left undamaged enough to tell the tale. But with the magic scicence of Meat Conditioning, a few victims have been able to tell us about its appearance. A photo has also been recovered recently.

Phorrenus is a four-legged entity almost as tall as a human, but with much more body strength. It has large jagged teeth and hindlegs much larger than the forelegs. It is very energetic and will often outlast anyone trying to run away from it. 

The most noticable feature, though, is the large spikes on either side of Phorrenus's head. These spikes are extendable and can reach across Phorrenus's entire body. The spikes are often coated

A photo of Phorrenus (Taken on the X-1 Subpotato)

with an acidic substance, usually teal-colored, although color fluctuates sometimes. This acid is exteremely potent, avoid it at all costs.

A classified data journal found in [REDACTED], Meatroit, reveals that Phorrenus is, in fact, female.


Phorrenus is very aggressive and will attack anything it sees. It is hard to track, rapidly moving from makeshift nest to nest, never setting up any sort of permanent shelter. Phorrenus will dwell in any dark area, including unlit areas of a house. Currently, Phorrenus's motivations are unknown, or if it is even intelligent enough to have any.


As stated above, Phorrenus will use a variety of attacks to kill its prey. These include deadly acid, large teeth, but most commonly, a brain-damaging soundwave to instantly and quickly terminate the target. Testing shows that the soundwaves from Phorrenus cause a ear-shatteringly high pitch described as "a buzzing electronic tone" by some. The victim will then feel a sudden sense of adrenaline before falling to the ground dead. Large amounts of strange dark blood have been found oozing out of the victims ears. 

Mind Control

Phorrenus's most infamous attribute is its mind control. If the brain of the victim was damaged beforehand, the victim will be revived as a somehow sentient being that serves Phorrenus only and helps it hunt. These creatures have no need for nutrients of any kind, or sleep. The mind-controlled entities appear all over the world, and could strike anywhere.

Currently the victims are placing recordings of Phorrenus's cry in public areas to kill and terrorize people. The Meat Logic Farseers are still in the process of removing them.


Phorrenus first crash-landed in the heart of Japan. However, it was found orbiting the planet Earth for several months before landing. Phorrenus appears to have been augmented somehow since it crashed, gaining the dangerous abilities seen on it today.

When it first landed, Phorrenus killed 1 people and has currently killed 13,089,912 people so far.

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