Pigmask Potion is type of potion that turns its user into a Pigmask from Mother 3.
 It was created by a small group of Pigmasks, who came up with the idea after seeing the results of Fire potion. The ingredients are gruesome to say the least. But it's made by an army created by Porky Minch, so what did you expect?


The user will get an increase in strength. However, their IQ will drop. The user will start to bow down to Porky Minch after 3 days (and sometimes instantly!). The potion's effect wears off after a month, and its user most likely wonders, "Why am I in a place called 'Pork Court'"?


  • A Bulbmin eyestalk
  • The dead body of any creature from the Water Temple
  • The tail of any chimera
  • The tonsils of any Pokemon


  • The Pigmask army believes the potion will not work if a Pigmask symbol isn't stamped on the container of the potion.
  • The Bulbmin are strongly against this potion, and it's easy to see why, really.
  • Mixing this with Mewtwo Potion creates Giegue Potion.

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