Potion Cure

What the potion look like when finished

Poison Cure Potion is a Potion that makes the drinker immune to nearly all types of poison and venom in Meatworld. It lasts half an hour before the effect wears off.


Step One: 1 ounce of Scornet honey, mix thoroughly. Then boil in Professor Meatrix's Nutrionalizing Vat. Boiling should be 2 hours long.

Step Two: 1 fraction of a flower pellet from PNF-404, crush and ferment it.

Step Three: 20 pounds of Bulborb innards, stir quickly until liquid turns magenta, freeze it in plasmic ice crystals. Stirring is recommended to be less than 5 minutes long.

Step Four: Get ten Beozars from the chest of a White Pikmin, cut it up and mix it in liquid.

Final Step: Combine all of these before stirring the potion for 15 minutes. If all is done correct, the potion should be tealish-white.


  • The potion was invented by Patfan1's ancestor, Shroomile Higgins.
  • It is currently unknown whether or not it is in Endrew's Potion Book.

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