"mwahahahahuhuhuhu! i stol woofy! coem n get mee, skawt!"

~Porkee in "woofy x swawt"

Porkee Minsh is the badly-drawn version of Porky Minch.


He kidnaps Woofy and tries to kill her just to be a rude derp to Skawt. In "skawt x woofy, 2 werldz colyde" he tries to do this with the help of Porky, but Porky ends up leaving.


"skawt gu dah"

"nuuuuuuuuuuuuu! cerse u skawt the platopus!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"wil u hellppe mee, porky????"


"mah pigmusk rmy is suu stoopid"

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