"ANOTHER Cubone? I hate Ground-types..."

~Porky's Chimchar when Claus first spoke to it in his Cubone form

Porky's Chimchar (formerly known as Oven) is a male Chimchar owned by Porky. It acts like Gary/Blue/Green Oak around Gar, and is Gar's rival. It, like most (if not all) of Count Desertstone's Pokemon villains, he is a genwunner and hated Gar simply for looking at Pokemon Black and White 2 videos. It is around LVL 40.


Porky got one of every starter. He hated all of them but Chimchar because they had unlucky natures and IVs. The Chimchar had perfect IVs, and that was all Porky cared about, so he threw the other starters out of a window and chose Chimchar. After the Chimchar battled with Gar, it caught the anti-evolution disease (which Gar soon got a thing for to prevent from spreading). The Chimchar got really mad at Gar for this, as well as he fact Gar wasn't a genwunner. He was given a nickname, Oven, but everyone forgot about this nickname in a matter of minutes and just called him "Porky's Chimchar".


  • Porky barely cares about Oven anymore. He was an average trainer for two weeks with him, not so good, not so bad. After two weeks, he became normal Porky again.

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