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Scream Version

"You have 'em, you fight 'em!"

~Porkymon catchphrase

Porkymon ("Porky Monsters") is a ripoff of Pokemon created by Porky Minch. Unlike Early Learning with the Pigmask Army and, Porkymon is not a "troll game"; for the most part, the troll part in Porkymon Scream and Echoes made it get rated T. The other two are made to kill people or scare them into joining the Pigmasks, Porkymon is made to manipulate people and persuade them into joining. There are currently two games in the series that were released on the same day, Porkymon Echoes Version, featuring the Mecha Drago, and Porkymon Scream Version, featuring the Ultimate Chimera. There are two more games for Porkymon in development (Porkymon Dark Version, featuring Giygas and Porkymon Reconstructed Version, featuring Klauz), and a TV show is planned as well.


  • Porkymon Scream Version (11/19/2009)
  • Porkymon Echoes Version (11/19/2009)
  • Porkymon Dark Version (Upcoming, 12/1/2013)
  • Porkymon Reconstructed Version (Upcoming, 12/1/2013)
  • Porkymon (Show, Upcoming, 1/17/2014)
  • Porkymon Mystery Attic: Chimera Scream Team (Upcoming, 3/28/2014)
  • Porkymon Mystery Attic: Drago Echoes Bros. (Upcoming, 3/28/2014)


Echoes and Scream

The player is greeted by Porky Minch, who asks the player who they are. The player inputs their name, gender
4 (1)


, and favorite color. The screen goes black, and the player (as a Pigmask) is in a room. All of the sudden, Claus breaks into the room. He says he is going to rebuild the Mecha Drago (if Scream version) or Ultimate Chimera (if Echoes version). He then leaves the room. A Pigmask comes in, asking the player what happened. The Pigmasks tells the player to follow him into a room. The room is a large lab, and Porky is in the middle of the room. The Pigmask leaves. Porky asks the player to pick a "Starter Porkymon" for no reason. The starters are the grass-type Porkymon Grablade (Bulbasaur + Snivy), the fire-type Porkymon Charmera (Charmander + Dratini), the water-type Porkymon Sqort (Squirtle + Panpour), and the electric-type Pigachu (Pigmask + Pichu). If the player picks Grablade, Charmera or Sqord, Claus will come and steal the Porkymon that can easily beat it. If the player picks Pigachu, Claus will steal all three of the other Porkymon. Porky will say "Great choi-" and the screen will black out. The player wakes up in a forest, with the starter poking them. A group of Pigmasks give the player Capsaurs (capsules in the shape of a T-rex which act exactly like Pokeballs). The player is given a chance to capture at least 5 wild Porkymon. After you catch at 5, a tree explode, creating an exit. The second you go near the exit, Ridley will fly down. He says he is fighting for Claus. The player engages Ridley in battle, but he replaces the enemy Pokemon. After defeating Ridley, Ridley will fly back up promising he will fight again. The player finds a secret passage to Mewtwo Mountain. Blah blah blah, wild Porkymon, ehh. The player will battle Lord Gyian, who has a Chimerazard (Dragonair + Charizard) and Raipig (Tepig + Pigachu). After defeating Gyian, he will kill himself and his body fluids restore your Porkymon (this is the reason the game got rated T). After leaving the mountain, Gieax comes and challenges you to a battle. He has Gyian's Soul (Haunter + Shiny Mewtwo), Swortoo (Swort + Blastoise) and Raipig. After defeating Gieax, he will fly off, leaving behind the Capsaur of Gyian's Soul, allowing the player to restore their Porkymon's health. The player will find a portal leading to Secret Space Pirate Island. Ridley will block the path. After defeating Ridley, Claus flies in saying he can't let the player live any longer. Claus has the fully evovled version of the Porkymon he stole, and a Pigamega (Raichu + Pigachu + Mega Lucario). After defeating Claus, he will shoot lightning at some rocks, making them fall down, crushing the portal. The player uses their Porkymon to move the rocks out of the way, and Claus flies off. The player finds Count Desertstone and FlamingFireHound heating up rocks to fight off the Pigmasks. The player can fight them by talking to the duo (Count Deserstone is faced like Ridley, and Hound has Pigachu and Charmera) or give them a "Skawt x Woofy" paper to make them go away. Blah blah blah, wild Porkymon. Near the end of the area, on the Space Pirate side, Ridley and Count Desertstone team up, and the player does a double battle. The two fly off, giving the player a chance to sneak into Space Pirate base to capture the Mecha Drago (if Echoes) or Ultimate Chimera (if Scream). Once the player makes the version mascot faint or get captured, Claus will battle you. Claus has Ridley, Count Desertstone, and Chartwo (Charmeleon + Mewtwo) this time as well as his starter(s). Claus flies off, only to come back when the player reaches the passage to the Pigmask side. He now has the Porkymon he said he was going to try to capture in the beginning of the game. After defeating Claus for the final time, he flies off and retreats to Bulbama.

Dark and Reconstructed

Not much has been told about Dark and Reconstructed's story. It is known that Odorship (grass-type), Zombie Frostrock (fire-type) and Angler (water-type) will be the starters, and Claus will try to kill Giygas (if Dark) or Klauz (if Reconstructed).

Battle System


The battle system. Ridley is the Mecha-Drago.

Porkymon's battle system is like a mixture of Pokemon and EarthBound. The moves for the next turn are on the top of the screen on the player's side, and there is no PP system, making the battle system slightly broken. The enemy's move is on their side of the screen, and the HP bar becomes red while the Porkymon is loosing health. The names of the fighting Porkymon Trainers. In Porkymon, every Porkymon must have nickname, so the box were the HP, name, and level is shown also tells the nickname and species of the Porkymon. If a Porkymon is "killed", the next Porkymon is randomly selected.


The game got mixed reviews. Ridley Reviews gave it a 2/10 (mediocre).

"...In this game, Claus makes no sense. Since I got Porkymon Scream version (I don't know why, the boxart just looked better than Porkymon Echoes version), he wanted to rebuild the Mecha-Drago (and succeeded). That the Phazon? The Mecha-Drago is already rebuild, and Claus was traumatized by it. Numerous people like me Gieax are seen as minibosses and idiotic minions, and King Gyian's death is most likely even worse than Nightmare's face from Metroid Fusion multiplied. I gave this a 2 because of one single good thing; Chimerazard and Gyian's Soul look pretty cool. Since the characters are so out of character (even Porky and myself), it looks like bad fanfiction. The money goes to the Pigmasks, and that's why I have a ROM of the game that I hacked to switch roles and replace a few Porkymon with Pokemon. I will not support them. I also hate the fact Porkymon Echoes has a name that ripped off Metroid Prime."

Clean Tomatoes and GameDino gave it a 5/10, both of them saying it was a ripoff of Pokemon, but it would appeal to fans of the franchise. It was hated for the Lord Gyian death sequence, the design of most Porkymon, and the fact it was made to recruit new Pigmasks.

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