Potato. Press is a book publishing company created by Marioracer1. After the great Potatoression, Mario thought to sell books because WHY NOT EHH? He then published his book after working a good 3 minutes on it called "Eat, Run, Stay Fit and DIe Anyways." It was a major hit and was so popular, Mario decided to write books. Some of his more popular books Including but not limited too,

  • 64 Good Reasons for Giving Up Hope.
  • Rid Yourself Of Doubt, or Should You?
  • You Give Me 6 Weeks and I'll Give You Some Disease.
  • Chances Are Your Sisters Full of Shit.
  • 100 Dead People Nobody Misses.
  • 6 Ways To Fuck Up Before Breakfest.
  • Famous Bullshit Stories.
  • How To Kill Your Nephew.

Mario has recieved many death threats and hate crimes. He still wonders why to this very day.

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