Potions are liquids that can have many effects on the user, such as transformation, curing effects, inducing effects, and much more. Scottnov, Patfan1, and Mr. Alchemist Endrew are very skilled in this art.


Back in the early days of meatworld a bored-out-of-his-mind Chibi Kitten named Sir Oswald William the III and his Best friend, Madame Vivian Ordanalis of north Tacoiteria were playing around with many types of chemicals, and mixed them up. Most of them caused explosions or fires, but they didn't mind, as they tried it out they ran into a reaction that would transform the victim into a Togepi, but later the formula for this potion was lost, but Scottnov is trying to remake it. Oswald and Vivian decided to call this new solution a 'potion'.


An Alchemist is the title of most potion makers.

Known Alchemists


A potion.

Like mentioned before, Scottnov and Alchemist Endrew are very skilled at making potions, and know almost every recipe for any potion. However potions were made for everyone and most people need to learn basic potion making skills in college or sooner. A lot of house handy potions were made, including cleaning potion, cooking potions of many types, basic defensive potions, bug spray potions, and more. FlamingFirehound and Rekanochi have learned how to create some basic potions.

List of potions

Some potions can last forever, while others only last for a short time. Usually ones that last forever have more side effects.

Household potions:

Combat potions:




  • Drink several different potions at once can cause an overdose.
  • SKOOOOOOOOOOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Translation: It is commonly mistaken that Skooma is a kind of potion. It is, in fact, a type of beverage.)

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