Pusheen in a happy mood, dancing in Mexico because she ate a chocolate burrito

Pusheen is a famous cat, currently active on The World Of Meat Logic. Pusheen is a feline, and very grumpy, but also hyper, annoying, and weird. Pusheen also is very stupid. She likes to munch on cookies, and celebrates every single "special" minor holiday, like Pi Day. 


It all started in a cold forest. Pusheen was a baby kitty, and was all alone, abandoned by her mother, Pushine. Her father left both of them, leaving Pushine to abandon the baby. Growing up, Pusheen always found her way to defend herself, especially with her sharp claws. After one day, exploring the caves of the bears, she fought a brown-bear biting its shoulder, injuring it, finding a golden pie. She jumped into the pie, happy, and..crazily. The bear was roaring in pain and fell off the cliff (which the cave was right by). Pusheen then decided to live in the cave.


  • Cats
  • Felines
  • Caves
  • Dark places
  • Food
  • Buddies
  • Being alone
  • Warm areas
  • Cotton Candy
  • Tacos (But would not eat Rekanochi)
  • Eating mice


  • People
  • Enemies
  • Canines
  • Cold areas
  • Stupidity
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Bears
  • Squash (The food)


"Meow meow mew mew, MEOW!"

"Gawd, bears are not smexy like I am."

"Dont worry all I have to do is outrun you."

"Ugh why is the dead mouse ALL the way over there..."


"Eeek (little girl noise) it's a spider!"

"The creators of potato chips are criminals because of how many they put in the freakin' bag.."


  • Her favorite food has to be mice.
  • She enjoys being grumpy.
  • She only likes humans that are old, like grandmothers or grandfathers.
  • Pusheen is a great fighter, especially since her claws come in handy.
  • Pusheen hates the sunlight, that's why she stays in the cave all day.
  • Though happy, usually Pusheen is grumpy, but mostly bright.

Any Superpowers?

Yes, she can reach all the way over to grab the remote, and turn on the TV, eating chips all day watching Tiger documentaries. 

Any other forms?


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