Riolah's drawing.

, (full name Riolah Luucrow Mudundas) is a female Riolu that is a friend of Scottnov.


Being a Pokemon she has no real difference seperating her from the others, though she have a orange scarf.


Discribed by her parents, which are Lucarios, she is highly skilled for her age and even knows Aura sphere, a move that only Lucarios can use normally. Being a fighting type she can help Scottnov with his one disadvantage, which is fighting. As she is younger, she is quite fast and her training with this helps too.


Described by Scottnov she has a bubbly personality though she can be quite serious at times, this personality is quite hindering at times and can lead to many misadventures. She doesn't usually travel with Scottnov as she may be busy with other things, however. She has an immense love for cute things, such as Beetlebo, Wolfykitty, baby dragons, and pretty much anything else with big eyes. Also she can theif things quite easily, some say even better than FlamingFireHound or Rekanochi.


  • She knows the moves Aura Sphere, Brick break, Extremespeed and Theif.

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