• no being a cutie
  • no hate pages
  • no powerplaying
  • no hate lists
  • no useless categories
  • no fluff editing (seperate edits for things you could do in one)
  • no extreme gore (happy tree friends style)
  • no making pages of human personas (this takes place LOOOOOOOOOOONG after the present, plus different planet n solar system)
  • no warrior cats (cats and most feline creatures don't exist on meatworld)
  • no being a noob ("how to make page?")
  • puns are accepted, so long as they aren't furby puns. puns in moderation is fine aswell, but the admins shall discuss it if you make so many puns that someone drops to their knees and questions their existance.
  • deepy-thinky things are accepted. just don't go steven hawkings on everyone.
  • no asking for admin
  • no screamers
  • no viruses
  • no mary sues/gary stus
  • no pity parties
  • no pages that are pages for the sake of being pages
  • no spamming claus stuff
  • no "making this l8r" pages

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