Shipping is a practice that involves imagining and/or predicting relationships with other characters. Odorship is crazy shipper that ships everything, no matter gender, species, or behavior.

The four "Ship Types"

There are four types of Ships that are available.


Romance (also known as OTP, One True Pairing) is full-scale love. If two people are in love with each other and are dating, then they are in a romance.

BFFE (Best Friend For Eternity)

BFFE's, also known as Best Friends For Eternity, is when one person is always there to look out for somebody. For example, WolfyKitty is trying to be Wilson's BFFE.


A Friendemy (mix of the words Friend and Enemy) is someone you have a deep hatred with, but you're not sure weither you like them or not.


An Archnemesis is someone you have a deep, deep, deep hatred for, and you always hate them, no matter what they do. An example would be The3rdplayer and It.

Examples of some ships


  • Odorship is basically shipping in a living form.

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