A picture of skawt

Skawt is a badly drawn version of Scottnov, drawn by FlamingFirehound as an attempt to annoy Scott by shipping "skawt" with "Woofy".


He resembles a white togepi without many details besides his 3 spikes, eyes, limbs and shapes on his shell.


  • He speaks in a bad manor, using many "typing shortcuts" as well as making a lot of gramatical errors.
  • FlamingFireHound, being the creator of the book "skawt + woofy" has made him and Woofy in a relationship.
  • Scottnov is very much against the creation of these comics.
  • Skawt and Woofy have never kissed, their explanation for this is "ower momys dnt wnt uz 2 kis yete wer onley 9 so wea dnt".


"u wot m8?"

"i luv woofy!!!!!!!!!!"

"u luuk liek mea hoo r u im skawt"

"hy woofy my lub"

"pls maek moar buuks aboot mea flmngfrehwnd"

"skawt x woofy troo luv 4 evar"

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