Skream is a Chibi Kitten who is WolfyKitty's big cousin. He has white eyes and fur, a sewed-closed mouth, and worn-out pink fur on his face that had turned into a light gray. He cannot speak, but he is described by WolfyKitty as "a complete MASTER at Sign Language." Even though he might seem scary, he is really a nice guy. Skream can also lip-read what people say.

Quotes (before he was mute):

"One day.. I will have a dream.. about, well, who knows?"

"Oh, no, no, no, it's fine!" 

"What is this... thing...?"

"What exactly am I even LOOKING at.."

"I know you want to trade, but I don't think we should."


  • His mouth was sewed shut by Lordess Messiah. Because of this, Skream completley lost his ability to speak, yet the mystery behind this remains unknown.
  • He and Wolfy like to tell each other secrets by using Sign Language. Sometimes they do this in front of Scottnov and FlamingFireHound, but neither of them understand a word they say to each other.

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