Spazmatism is one of the Twins, two immense flying eyeballs that are linked together. It is the one with the green iris. Spazmatism lurks in its sky fortress with Retinazer, its twin. They plot evil plans together and, just occasionally, are good.

Relations with Retinazer

Spazmatism is a "social butterfly" compared to its brother. It relies on servants to execute plans. However, it is also very powerful, and places value in strength. It is known to be more strong in battle than Retinazer. The only enemy it has ever lost to is It, and it trains all day with only one thought: defeating its archenemy.



  • Most people, except its paparazzi
  • It


  • Death shall come to It. One day, it shall.
  • I swear... I shall... defeat IT!!!
  • Fear me.
  • Go away. I need some time alone.
  • No autographs!
  • I'm giving out signed photos! I don't care that I don't have hands!

Credited With

  • Making scientists try to destroy Zombie Frostrock
  • Setting fire to the World of Meat


  • Fire breath
  • Very fast
  • High powered attacks

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