The Spirit of Terraria, also known as BOB, is a powerful entity that rests someplace in the land of Terraria, specifically in a deep chasm on Windworth Island. It created Terraria and has no feelings. All that is known about it is that it created bad places, such as The Corruption or The Crimson, because the world needed balance. "If it was all good, there wouldn't be anything worth living for."


The Spirit of Terraria has appeared only once, to help The Core imprison It. It wielded the Holy Hammer on this occasion.

It also apparently endeavored into Stormbreaker Whirlpool to see what was inside it. However, it still has never spoken of what happened to it.


  • "If it was all good, there wouldn't be anything worth fighting for."
  • "I am the Spirit of Terraria. I am the wind's breath, the earth's voice, the fire's touch, the water's energy. I also make some pretty mean cheese."
  • "Names? You may also call me... BOB."
  • "What is your wish, traveler?"
  • "I may not intervene. I'm just too awesome."

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