Sprites are the spirits of creatures. Sprites are only visible when the creature has died,and choose to reveal themselves. Sprites,before a creature died is only visible in a creatures dream. It is so far confirmed by all research that the week before you die,you will have a dream where you can see your sprite. Sprites are stuck the way they are, and can not be changed no matter what.

All Sprites live in The sPiRaTiC Shift.

Notable members


Sprites are pure white and are "outlined" with a color. This color is one that shows up the most in a dream. While most sprites have their skin color as a living creature as their outline.


  • It is actually possible to combine two different dead people or sprites, and make a combination. For example, if Wolfysprite were to be mixed with Naturiasprite, they will become Wolfaturiasprite.
  • They bare a striking resemblance to the Sprites from the popular webcomic Homestuck, and the fact you can combine two different sprites is also referencing Homestuck.
  • Wilson and Maxwell do not have sprites. The reason for Maxwell is that he is a demon, but for Wilson, this reason is unknown. It is speculated that Wilson doesn't have a sprite due to him being from a completly different world.


More art

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