Reverse Hearse

Startic's face.

Startic is the alternate universe version of Alchemist Endrew. He loves helping people with his science, and is very against killing to get his research done. He was accidentally called forth into this dimension when Endrew's portal experiment went awry. He tries to free the captives of Endrew, which really pisses Endrew off, and is constantly assembling armies of freed test subjects to attack and kill Endrew. It almost always ends with Startic running away, and Endrew cleaning of the bodies from his hall crusher.

But one day, Startic went too far. He went alone, bearing only his kindness, to fight the Alchemist. He believed that he could free Endrew of his curse, to be innocent once again. Alas, Startic failed. Wolfy felt heartbroken for poor Startic and will possibly resurrect him in the future.
Dead Hearse

Startic, courtesy of Endrew. :)

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