The beta home page. Clicking on the red link or the flying Stunfisk leads to the "games".

"...To fund Project Coffin the Save the Muks drive!"

~The beta home page is a website made by Porky Minch. After the insane millions of deaths caused by success of Early Learning with the Pigmask Army, Porky Minch started making another "troll game" a "school" website.

Beta Testing

The minigames were beta tested by Pigmasks. Some people found the website, and gave links to it, but the links caused the computer to crash, and every link to the game would be redirected to Barely anything has changed from beta. The beta version had crossed out text that said what they were actually doing, funding Project Coffin and destroying computers in the proccess. The website stopped the "link virus" and exited beta on November 8th, 2013.


Like Early Learning with the Pigmask army, has a few minigames, but this is an even worse case than Early Learning with the Pigmask Army. While Early Learning with the Pigmask army had death threats in their playable minigames, clicking on any of the minigame links will make the computer crash. You can do nothing about it. If you attempt to turn on the computer, the Project Coffin creature concept art will stay on the screen for a few minutes, and the computer literally explodes. The games are:

  • Jolt Lab
  • Science with Math
  • Make a Rainbow
  • Stunfisk's ABCs
  • Stunfisk's Army
  • King Stunfisk's land

The links on the top simply don't work.


  • It is sometimes called "Early Learning with the Pigmask Army 2".

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