"Dude! I just found this awesome fanfic!"


Sualc (AKA Dark Claus) is a clone of Claus created by Porky. He is basically the opposite of Claus, and he is a fanfic writer and Brony. He is a huge fan of Porky, and his favorite creature of all time is the Mecha Drago.


Sualc was created after the Pigmask army got some of Claus' old shirts, and they created a clone by getting the personality and details of Claus and flipping them the other way around, creating a polar opposite. Sualc instantly got on the computer and started writing Bubble Guppies fanfics, which Count Desertstone and Scottnov actually saw. He was given a mission to follow Claus, and he instantly forced Claus into reading a fanfic about him with numerous weapons and Mecha Drago clones. Because Claus couldn't sleep that night (and he ended up sleeping all day the next day), Sualc constantly did things like put on animations of bad fanfics on Claus' TV that he couldn't turn off and throwing MLP toys at him. Claus soon defeated Sualc in a battle, and he got repaired. Nothing is known about what he is doing now, but he is most likely making bad fanfics.


  • Sualc is "Claus" backwards.
  • He likes talking about shippings in public and the fanfics he made about them.
  • He likes to stalk people.


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