Sulus is the star of Meatworld. He is the polar oppsite of Morp. He is the reason why most creatures prefer to sleep during the day, due to his rudeness.

Essentially everyone hates him.


  • Being superior
  • Porky Minch
  • Creating light
  • Day
  • Heat
  • Burning things
  • Being a cocky, rude derp.
  • Cloudzians (Only slightly).


  • Morp
  • SulusAndCloud

    Sulus and a cloud talking about some creatures in a town.

    Most creatures. He thinks they are all idiotic and unworthy.
  • The Core (She's too modest)
  • It (He destroys Sulus' light. It breaks the laws of physics just to piss people off like that.)
  • Night
  • Cold
  • Ice hearts (They're on this list because they're cold)
  • Tornado


  • He is the most cocky being in the universe.
  • He likes Porky because they worked together to create New Pork City.
  • Many consider him evil, however, he does have one redeeming quality. He keeps Meatworld warm so we don't freeze to death.
  • If his name is spelled backwards, it is still spelled Sulus.

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