This is Suzan the gobbler

Susan the Gobbler is a Gobbler.


  • The size of Suzan's brain is about 2 inches big
  • Suzan is known for stalking and chasing people with no reason
  • Suzan likes to eat berries a lot, and is very fast.


Suzan lives on giant blue or yellow rock made of human skulls in north Africa,Unlike Suzan,gobblers prefer hardwood and mixed conifer-hardwood forests with scattered openings such as pasturess, fields and seasonal marshes.


Suzan's favorite food:

Berries(black and red berry)



Insects(spiders,ants,ladybugs etc.)

Human flesh

Zombie flesh



Rumors say that Suzan was an ancient God of Berry bushes and  Nether(For those who don't know what's Nether(Nexus),that's 2nd dimension in Minecraft)until Wilson picked up a golden berry from her bush.Suzan is now trying to steal berries from Wilson's bushes to avenge her precious berry.

Suzan's Gallery

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