The Adventures of Meat Logic is a comic strip series made by Scottnov, it is a blog post and may be later a website or something else. Main page.


Episode 1: The Adventures of Meat Logic!

Plot: Scottnov and Wolfykitty are intoduced, Scottnov had destroyed Wolfykitty's house on accident, and Wolfy begins to feel hopeless, but Scottnov decides to fix it.

Characters: Scottnov, Wolfykitty.

Episode 2: Forgiveness.

Plot: Wolfykitty's house is fixed by Scottnov, and he makes chocolate chip cookies for her as well. She forgives him. As Scottnov leaves she decides to come with him and be his companion. They head to a new destination.

Characters: Scottnov, Wolfykitty.

Episode 3: Lions and Tigers and... Hounds?!

Scottnov and Wolfykitty run into a wild hound, what is his name?

Characters:Scottnov,Wolfykitty,Unknown hound.

Episode 4: Forests and Morests!

Scottnov and Wolfykitty find out that the hound they met was named FlamingFirehound, and they run from him after one of his statements. They hide in a giant bush, and see a small opening which they go through. It was luckily safe and even led to Tacoiteria! Scottnov meets a taco caught under a net, who are they?