The only known representation of The Bane of Nightmares.

The Bane of Nightmares (Informally known as TBoN, or the slang term "TBone") is a mythical sword that has unbelievable power, stronger then even It himself. It is well known in the legends for being the only thing It fears.


The legend says, back in the very early days of meatworld, back when The Core and It's powers were still lower, Meatworld was attacked by it, this was the biggest attack Meatworld has faced to date, and near the end, when all hope had been lost, a hero of unknown race who had been forging a sword of great power with the help of The Core itself. The hero destroyed every last one of It's minions, then going to banish It, The hero sacrificed himself to banish It for another 10000 years. It was unknown who this hero was or his race, but it was likely not a race that exists today (this does not include nearly extinct species). Since the heros death, the legend says The Core has taken the sword, It has it, it was destroyed and more. It is well known that nobody can wield this sword but a message on an ancient stone wall had a message that might have to do with this sword, sadly a lot of it was covered or damaged:

"****Hero********sword*******many*********not alone*******bad things**********its creatures*****can never*******"


It is said to be the sharpest sword known, it also can banish/kill any creature of nightmares instantly and can shoot beams of light. Because it was forged by The Core, it has a light that emits and you can speak to the core through it, the sword also is sentient and can be hurt and has feelings.


  • The3rdPlayer tried summoning it, but it failed. He talked to The Core about it and it gave him a very vague message, about how he couldn't summon it with his current knowledge of the sword and also said "many other reasons you may not be able to figure out... Or at least, not on your own...".
  • It is extremely hostile to nightmare creatures and any creatures relating to It.
  • A few people claim to have seen it, some of them were even sane.
  • Roud72 wanted to take it, but in the last second Scottnov said that it will posess roud's soul.

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