The Book of Phymort is a special book that contains secrets beyond measure. It is currently owned by Mr. Alchemist Endrew. It is dark purple with a black design on the front.

The Book of Phymort

Some of the pages have a strange red substance dripping from them constantly.

Endrew, It and a few other beings can read it, although it will cause them great and beutiful pain. If weaker-minded being read from the book, a few things happen:

  • They suddenly turn white, collapse, and the Book bleeds a little.
  • They start to hallucinate, and act crazy. A while later they quitely lay down and never move again.
  • Their eyes bulge, they scream, and their head explodes all over the new carpet.


  • This book contains the secret knowledge every dead person knows, and never says.
  • Scottnov once opened this book because he didn't know what it was. He closed it again just in time because it didn't have any fun pictures.

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