Terraria eye of cthulhu by dw628-d4ekvtc

The Eye.

The Eye is exactly what it seems: an immense flying eyeball. It floats above the clouds with its army of minions. It will swoop down and consume anyone who summons it. It is said that the Eye has an immense mouth that it opens in times of danger. No one has ever survived to tell the truth.


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Sometimes, explorers find a dubious-looking eyeball lying in some dusty old building. Those foolish enough to hold it up in full view of the sky and yell, "I envoke the power of the skies. I seek to see all. Let it be known: I SUMMON THE EYE!" will get a nasty surprise.

Relation to the World of Meat

The Eye is not known to have any relation to the World of Meat. It merely rules its sky home.



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