"The Greninja, Bulbmin, and Mewtwo are making a comeback."

~The back of the first book

The Forgotten Few is a book series by King Orca which currently has books 1 and 2 out, and book 3 is in the making.

Main plot

Gieax, Madac, and Bulb are on a quest to help "forgotten" Meat Logic characters. The back of the first book describes these as, "characters that were replaced, had their creators leave, were thought to be pointless, created for comedy-related reasons only and are now nothing, or were simply forgotten". The three do tasks like trying to destroy Itlings and trying not to get eaten by NormalHungryHound. In the meantime, Porky Minch and Sulus are trying to get the help of It.


Book 1: The Meeting

A few Greninjas are examining the names of every Greninja ever born. One Greninja notices Madac, and he admits he forgot Madac existed. The other Greninjas ask who Madac is, and they all go back to reading. At the same time, a ton of Mewtwo scientists are doing the exact same thing. One Mewtwo claims to know the name of every Mewtwo ever, but one Mewtwo asks him about Gieax, and he admits he doesn't know the name of every Mewtwo ever. Meanwhile, Pikpiko says he has no siblings, but then forgets about Bulb. The three mentioned characters decide to go for a walk, and Gieax and Madac find eachother. The two greet eachother, but then find out that Bulb and 8 are getting attacked by Midbus. 8 escapes, but Bulb almost gets eaten until Gieax uses Aura Sphere on Midbus, scaring him away. Bulb proceeds to break the fourth wall, saying, "I promise to stay with you two untill the end of this series". Meanwhile, Rantunner and Angler talk about being genwunners and how great it is. El Stealth Rock hears them, and argues with them as he likes Gen 4 the most, but Rantunner and Angler talk him into becoming a genwunner as well. The book goes back to the main characters, and they decide to go to the museum, only to find out it is closed because the Riger was revived by book 1's main villain, Math. The three are almost instantly attacked by the Riger, and the Riger then proceeds to nearly claw off Bulb's leaf. Bulb jumps on the Riger's head, confusing it, and Gieax tries to destroy it, only to be thrown into a wall by Math in it's Pokemon form. Math quickly changes into it's substance form, only to scream as the Riger is killed by Madac's Hydro Pump. Bulb keeps Math from reviving the Riger again, and since Fighting-type is weak to Pyschic-types (and PokeMath is technically a Fighting/Normal), he uses Psybeam, making Math a weak substance until it finds a Pokemon Center. The three thank eachother, and the book suddenly switches to Porky getting the help of Sulus, and a sneak peek for book 2 is shown.

Book 2: PorkPlanet

The trio is relaxing in a hotel near a beach in the Bulbamas Islands, only to be interrupted by Cthulhu.

adding more later

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