The Humanity Shrine

A picture drawn by Scottnov of the Shrine.

is a special object that is very well known for the effects of the water it produces.


The shrine produces a large amount of water per day from an unknown source, this water has the mysterious effect to transform the user into a human from planet Earth. Once they have started to transform, they black out. Unless someone takes them away while they are blacked out in a still transforming state, a portal opens where something grabs the victim and takes them all the way to Earth. The only way to get back to Meatworld is by finding or making a picture of ones previous form, building a shrine made from moonstone and placing the picture of theirself on top of it. Then politely asking The Core to bring you back to Meatworld. In the rare occasion that one should find themselves a human on Meatworld, they will turn back in a time-span of 1-16 days. The Core can also help revert them back, though The Core may seem irritated that they would try drinking from it.


  • It is unknown who made it, though it is confirmed It did not make it as It said to one of its former worshipers "Hmph, you mortals are more incompetent then I thought... I would not make such a foolish thing, humans minds are too hard to mess with.", and when The Core was asked about it they simply tried very hard to change the subject, not respond, or even the asker may find themselves outside of the crater The Core resides in, having lost memory of several things.
  • Sometimes, on a rare occasion, when nearby the shrine human voices can be heard saying things such as "Come now, you must be thirsty...".
  • Scottnov has drank from the shrine before, and because he saw it he drew it, however he did not discover it.
  • Most of the time, a meatiator's current form has no effect at all on what they look like when they transform (eg. A Rainbow colored chibi kitten may look like a normal blond haired person in human form).
  • Scottnov, FlamingFirehound and Crocdude use this shrine very often when they enter the worlds of Terraria or Starbound.
  • Some beings cannot become humans and simply have terrible gas after drinking from the fountain, such as an Ice heart (reason: they freeze the water, and cannot even drink it).
  • If the water is bathed in, it often provides a very relaxing feel, that is, until the water gets in their mouth.
  • Some people have gained the ability to change forms at will, such as TheDragonTrainer.
  • It is said that if you are a human or a humanoid, the shrine will heal you of all ailments and injuries if you drink it, including death.

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