Reality Bulborb
The Lost Bulborb is an ancient myth that Bulbmin tell.


It tells the story of a greedy Bulborb named Skaaltoe that wanted nothing more than gold and jewels. He killed other Bulborbs for pellets. Soon, he became the richest Bulborb around. However, this backfired on him. The Core was going to make a new species called Bulbmin, and that evil Bulborbs would need to apoligise and become members of this new species. Skaaltoe, however, refused to do this. As a result, his pellets were used to create more Bulbmin, and he was forever trapped in one single demension for the rest of eternity.


  • "Skaaltoe" is now a curse word in The Bulbamas. In school copies, the name has been altered to "Krabs".
    • The picture has been changed to a Bulborb sitting on a ton of pellets in school copies, other than the nightmare-creating Bulborb gif you see at the top of this page.
  • Bulb loves this story.
  • There was once a rumor that said that Skaaltoe would return as a Smokey Progg-ish creature and wreck all of Meatworld in 2012. This was proved wrong after 2012 ended.

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