The Prophecy is an ancient scroll written by the hero that banished It. It is also writings on walls.


The scroll tells that almost every being in meatworld will have a part in destroying It for good or just for an extremely long time. However if someone makes the rash mistake to attempt and destroy It when the time is not right or almost by themselves, it could fail so terribly that Meatworld will be destroyed and It will win. Though some will fall in this battle most will survive, and after this happens it will bring much more peace, however evil will still be present, and who knows what could arise from the ashes?

Not one person is the leader of this bringdown, and an attempt at leadership could be fatal. Each person must fight with each other in this time, and with the help of The Core, the battle will be over in a matter of weeks.


  • The3rdPlayer has tried several times to start The Prophecy earlier then it is supposed to come (which is supposed to be in over 2000 years), all of these attempts have ended in 3rd being hurt, almost killed, or some of his comrades dying.
  • Scottnov, with the help of Crocdude the expert miner rediscovered the scroll and displayed it in a musuem.

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