The home of The3rdplayer. The only numbers here are 3 and its multiple, and everything on the island is the 3rd of its kind, we even have one of the remaining 3 togepi (The3rdplayer payed Endrew to clone Scott 2x when he wasnt looking). We are the 3rd people to know about anything.


There are 3 of each biome on the island (I.E. 3 deserts, 3 forest, etc.) all spaced out and forming a portion of the island.


There are only 3 holidays but since the only numbers that exist are 3 and its multiples the first 2 dont matter. The 3rd holiday is Togeday where we worship the all powerful Togepis 3 times. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night.


The reason we worship the togepis is because a long time ago the thirdlands were under siege by the hounds. They were tearing everything into thirds until an army of togepis came by and used attract to lure them all away. The togepis were all eaten. So to honor their sacrafice weve taken up worshipping the almighty and ever so kind togepis. :)

Inhabiting species

The primary specie living here is the Ice hearts. Other species such as the Tacos and Chibi Kittens also live there but in smaller more scattered numbers. Merms, Bunnymen, and Pigmen also live there as servants of the inhanitants. There are also rumors of moles who all claim to be the 3rd strongest of their group. These rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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