Togepi Lords of Meat were the most powerful beings on Meatworld, next to The Core, The Force, Cthulhu, and It.


Older Togepi Lords of Meat look wizardlike, while younger ones are signified by many different things, sometimes with a staff, or even a robe. Even if they are Togetic or Togekiss, they can still become one.


In addition to having better powers than usual, they have the ability to fly forever, even if they could before, the ability to see into the future, learn new types of moves and spells, generally be wiser than most people, and quite a lot more, such as Teleportation. However nowdays there are none left.


  • Not much is known about them, only a few Togepi ever became Togepi Lords of Meat, one being Captain Napple.
  • Captain Napple believes that Scottnov has the most potential of becoming one.
  • Not only are there Togepi Lords of Meat, but also Taco Lords of Meat, Chibi Kitten Lords of Meat, Cake Lords of Meat, and even Beetleon Lords of Meat.

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