"I wonder if flapping your ocular nerve changes weather patterns significantly!"


Tornado is an intrepid meteorologist who is especially interested on the effects of giant flying eyeballs on weather patterns. Because of this, he has visited and interviewed Retinazer, Spazmatism, and The Eye multiple times. He is still the only person who can get away from them alive. He is helping Retinazer work on the machine, because his parents were killed by It. He is the only one who can provide a certain ingredient to the machine.

Tornado's best friend is a Diabolist named Flambê.


  • Meteorology
  • High winds
  • Lightning
  • Windworth Island
  • Flambê


  • Death
  • It
  • Cursing


Tornado is known to hide in the cellars of the sky fortress. It is suspected that both Spazmatism and Retinazer know he is there, but The Eye does not, thankfully. His permanent home is Windworth Island, a storm-ravaged island in the middle of the Terrarian Sea in the world of Terraria.


  • Spazmatism regards Tornado as a bit of a paparazzi. Therefore, it loves answering all his questions. Tornado dislikes fighting, however, and tends to avoid discussions about Spazmatism's "magnificent skills." However, due to the fact that Spazmatism is the only one who knows It's weakness, Tornado talks to it about its archenemy.
  • Retinazer is possibly friends with Tornado, though it won't admit it. It has some affection for Tornado. However, Retinazer is saddened that Tornado has something it lacks and is therefore the only way to activate the machine and that it would have to put its friend into pain to use it. Tornado is ready to make the sacrifice.
  • The Eye, true to its malevolent nature, despises Tornado and all his questions. However, Tornado doesn't mind. He knows just when to stop to avoid being killed.
  • Rekanochi dislikes Tornado. It is unknown why; Tornado has nothing against tacos. Tornado, being Tornado, likes pretty much everyone. 


  • Yes, Windworth Island is stormy. Surprised?
  • My home is somewhere... over... there.
  • I vow to defeat It.
  • I will avenge you, my ancestors!


  • Rekanochi does not seem to like Tornado. It is unconfirmed why.
  • Tornado really hates Sulus's sunny guts because he loves making light, and Tornado prefers cloudy days. The hate is mutual.

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