Wat is the second-farthest planet in the Meatworld system. It is probably the weirdest planet ever known to tacokind.

Only one word may be spoken on this planet, and that word is "wat." Speaking a word besides "wat" will make someone explode (assuming they haven't already) and bathe their cousins in cheese fondue as a ghost.

General features

  • Mountains made of uranium cheese dotted with giant mauve apples
  • Lakes flowing with cheese fondue that is made of the souls of Tacito Mexicano who died while puking up mauve lemon juice
  • Giant pits of eyeballs that shoot jello at passing armadillos with umbrellas

Effects on most citizens

  • Meatworldians will have their brains melted into cheese fondue
  • Earthlings will be just fine - they're idiots anyway
  • Other species will explode painfully, showering their surrounding area in mauve cheese fondue
  • It will die, then reincarnate, then gain powers involving deadly cheese fondue launchers (speculation, thank god)

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