The Water Temple is where Bulbmin prisoners are kept. Very few have escaped the Water Temple. It'\s design makes it very hard, if not impossible, to escape. Prisoners are given a Zora Suit after the 3rd day. The Burrowing Bulbear is currently here. Is located on the shore of Bulbmin Cove. Since there is a war between the Pigmasks (and general Porky Minch) and the Space Pirates (and general Ridley), Space Pirates and Pigmasks that are found leaving the war will be trapped here.


Creatures and Dangers


  • The Water Temple is an infamous dungeon in the Zelda Universe, but is a jail in the Meat Logic Universe.
  • Wraith was trapped here, but escaped in 2 weeks.
  • A long time ago, Charizards and Firehounds were thrown in here for no reason by Mewtwo just so they could see them drown and lose the ability to attack with fire in the process. Back then, Mewtwo were one of the main threats to life in Meatworld, but they soon redeemed and were replaced by the Pigmask Army about 300 years later.


The Distant Spring (Pikmin)


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