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Windworth Island

Windworth Island is a storm-ravaged island in the middle of the Terrarian Sea in the world of Terraria. It is in the
shape of a lightning bolt. Windworth Island's only weather is wind and powerful storms. However, rain rarely falls. It is a relatively verdant island, but the Stormbreaker Mountains, on the eastern side, are high and bleak. The island is home to Angry Nimbuses, the Wyvern, and the legendary Spirit of Terraria, which is said to live in a chasm deep in the heart of the Stormbreaker Mountains. It is also the home of Tornado. Tornadoes form here regularly, but they often move to the west, smashing them into the Stormbreaker Mountains. Chips of rock fly upon collision.



Windworth Island was created by whirlpools, powered by strong winds, that washed debris and rock into an island over many years. It still gets more material every year from them. The strongest of the whirlpools is called Stormbreaker Whirlpool.

Fujita Scale

Have you ever heard of the Fujita Scale? No, not fajita. Horrible things. Competitors of tacos. Well, most people only know about just F-0 through F-5. However, the man who first created it, Dr. Fujita, actually made it up to F-12. The tornado closest to F-6 was the May 2013 tornado, tied with the May 1999 tornado. However, on Windworth Island, tornadoes up to F-9 have been recorded.

Weather Forecast (Week of November 18, 2013)

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