"I FEEL G...O...O...D..."


Wraith is an insane Bulbmin who is half Giygas. He draws pictures with blood on the walls of caves, which capture the soul of whoever he killed last. He has one eye that contains Giygas, and tons of scars.


Wraith was born along with a few other (now dead) brothers; Flame, Plasm, Water, Lax, and Pokey. All of these were named after evil figures (The Firey Bulbaxes, the Waterwraith, the Plasm Wraith, the Emperor Bulblax, and Porky Minch specifically). It is unknown why they were named this. Wraith was the only one who was truly evil. Flame got most of the attention and went to parties, Plasm was always running in circles for no reason, Lax was always studying, and Pokey died due to a sickness. His parents died due to a Pigmask Invasion, and after all of this, he eventually snapped. He killed Water, Plasm, Lax, and Pokey. Flame ran away, however, he died of starvation. Wraith went insane and tried to kill anything that moved. Porky eventually captured Wraith in an electric cage, and ordered a group of Pigmasks to put a small bit of Giygas' soul in him. Wraith escaped the lab, but was thrown into the Water Temple after 17 days. Due to his high intelligence, he escaped the jail in only 2 weeks, and is now in the desert half of Bulbama.

In the inside, he is actually harmless. The soul of Giygas controlled him breifly, and then it took over his body. He would cry, but he can't. He thinks his life is nothing. He has no more friends, and to seal the deal, he is Giygas.




"I would LOVE more ink to draw with... If you know what I mean. Your blood is mine."


"Ridley is too big."


"Your dead meat. Literally."

"I taste delicous."

"I don't want do kill you... But I am controlled by a superior bei- DIE NOW, WORTHLESS CREATURE!"


The Titan Dweevil (Pikmin 2)


  • Wraith likes to call himself "the NESS NESS NESS Warrior".
  • His favorite food is... Be prepared to be creeped out... Other Bulbmin.


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