Yakinuri is an old town located on an unknown planet far from ours. It is named after the goddess Yakinuri, a phoenix who is said to watch over the town.

The Legend


A painting of Yakinuri as repersented by Wolfykitty.

A very, very long time ago, there was a very small village with only these citizens who were animals--a bull, a penguin, a bird, an ostrich, an eagle, and a kangroo. The villagers had struggled to live every day. Even getting a single piece of food was a challenge. One day, Yakinuri, saddened by their daily struggles, had asked her mother to provide a new village where all of the starving citizens would grow strong and happy. But, her mother forbade it, and thought it would divide and shatter the weakened kingdom forever. On a mysterious night, while her mother was sound asleep, she told all the villagers to follow her. She flew into the muddy plains. "Now, everyone close your eyes," Yakinuri said. When nobody was looking, she built an entire village, complete with houses and a campfire. All of the villagers had thanked her, and they had lived well. Yakinuri had always watched over the village, until many, many, many years later, she had been murdered by her mother. The villagers had mourned for her death, but when Yakinuri had died, she had dropped a sapling. The Villagers decided to plant the tree in the heart of the village, and soon the sleepy tribe had grown and grown and grown into a town centuries later. Legend says Yakinuri still watches over the town, with the great tree repersenting the phoenix herself. 

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