This page is about the deceased Ditto. For the other "you", go to your user page.

"They said I could become anything... They were right."


You Mewtube Copysmack is a now-dead Ditto. He was used as spy equipment, but started trying to copy powerful beings such as Giygas and the Core to take over Meatworld. He was burned by Count Desertstone.


You was created in a Pigmask factory. He was used to copy enemies so a duplicate of a powerful foe would be under Porky Minch's command. You was used like this for many years, but then he snuck out of the army in the form of a Charizard. He wanted to copy the Core so he could be seen as something more than the average Ditto. He tried to copy It and Giygas as well, but was soon stopped by Count and was melted.


  • Copying things


  • Everything else


  • You's last name, Copysmack, is the name of Count Desertstone's Ditto in his Pokemon Soulsilver game.
    • His middle name, Mewtube, is a combination of "Mew" and "Youtube".
  • You's name led to a large amount of groan-inducing puns.

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