Zephyrs are entities that live on Windworth Island. They are not recognizable as alive, although they can think and move. This is because they are simply columns of whirling air. They are fairly powerful, and can whip up strong winds or even create tornadoes. 


Zephyrs communicate telepathically. Despite this, they cannot read minds. They cannot do anything else telepathically, so don't worry about melting a brain by offending them. You should just worry about being torn apart by storm-force winds.

If you're planning to fight them

Polluted air is deadly to Zephyrs. They will die instantly if put in a polluted place, such as the Corruption or Shanghai, China. They thrive on cold, clear air, so do not, under any circumstances, send them to Russia or Alaska.

Zephyrs cannot be hurt with physical damage; however, anything poisonous to them (see above) or something that disrupts wind (such as a stone wall) will hurt them. They are weak and cannot stay around anything earthy; silver and iron are deadly to them.


  • Neutral
  • No alliances
  • No friends


Zephyrs' name come from the word for "breeze," namely zephyr.

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