"I don't moan or anything, I'm just a zombie who's coming to make to destroy something personal. You will die in the process."


Zombie Frostrock ("Zombie" for short) is a undead Charizard who is half psychopath, half friendly person. He despises every other Pokemon in the Alternate Universe, and is the alternate universe version Count Desertstone. He is never hot, even if he is in a desert, as his body temperature is very cold. One of his worst enemies is Retinazer, due to the fact that he tried to kill Zombie multiple times with various mechanical contraptions.


Zombie hatched from a failed experiment on a rotten Charmander egg. The experiment was meant to make rotten eggs hatch, but the result was Zombie Frostrock. The scientists made an attempt to kill the creature, but it just resulted in Zombie "living". Zombie killed the scientists after using Leer tons of times, and then tackling them. He escaped, and made a few friends, such as Nibbley and Startic the Alchemist. One day, he found Klauz, who told him about the other universe's world known as Meatworld, and that Zombie could destroy it to be the only Pokemon left, and that Drought would take care of the Pokemon in the alternate universe if he could build a machine to destroy Meatworld. Zombie still works on the machine to this day.




Red-Green-Yellow-Yellow (MOTHER 3)


"This machine I shall build will destroy all Pokemon that are not the Frostrock... So everyone who is disturbed by me... is gone."

"Hey! You! Don't judge a book by its cover."

"I'm freezing over here!"

"If you say 'HELLO WORLD!', do you really expect the world to say 'HELLO INSANE GUY'? HUH?! DO YA?!"

"I accept this offer."


  • He is "on both sides of the coin", as he is friends with most of the Alternate Universe's heroes and villains.
  • He is actually helping Porky Minch, although he doesn't notice it. The machine will be edited by Klauz apparently so Porky can rule Meatworld.
  • Zombie is going to be the fire-type starter in the upcoming Porkymon Dark and Reconstructed.

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